There is nothing magic about self-care

It feels so great writing a blog post again! For the past few months, I've been juggling with exhaustion and discouragement. No matter how many ideas I have to make my life better, to care for myself, to love on myself, it seems nothing ever happens, nothing ever works. I tried to implement my morning … Continue reading There is nothing magic about self-care


Soar, don’t creep

I know the feelings. I've felt them again and again and again. Actually, I'm feeling them right now. Feeling discouraged. Feeling overwhelmed. Feeling like I won't make it. Feeling like I'm not enough and never will be. Feeling like giving up. But you know what? These feelings are a lie, a BIG lie. I AM enough I CAN do … Continue reading Soar, don’t creep

February – The month of routines and art quotes

More and more, I realize I need to be intentional about what I do and don’t do in order to make room for the people and things that matter. I often, make this, always feel like I have too many things I want/need to do and never enough time to do it all. It leaves me … Continue reading February – The month of routines and art quotes



I can do it. I need to remind myself of that. Not let myself be swallowed by fatigue and discouragement. Not believe the lie that I am not enough. I am enough and I am not alone.


Simply living slowly

Tonight, when I got home, I started putting things away while my daughter was asking for my attention. It dawned on me that my daughter, who should be my priority, was not. It got me thinking.


2017 – The year of no resolutions

The New Year is almost here and resolutions are being made (and most probably will be broken) all around the world. How many times have I written down a list of things I vowed to do or not do? Countless times. How many times have I seen things through? Never. If you are anything like … Continue reading 2017 – The year of no resolutions