Practice makes better, not perfect

When I wake up in the morning and get ready for work, exhausted and discouraged, I sometimes wish I didn’t have a daughter.

I used to feel bad about these feelings but not anymore. You know why?
Feeling like this doesn’t mean I’m a bad mother.
Feeling like this just means that I’m human.

It is impossible for our thoughts to always be perfect and in sync with the life we have. And it’s OK!!!

Not too long ago, I don’t remember when or where, I read that it’s not our first thought about a person or a situation that matters.
It’s our second, and third, and fourth thoughts that matter.
It’s the actions that come after the thought that matter.

Because, no matter how inadequate I sometimes feel as a mother, at the end of the day, I love my daughter and I care for her with all my heart and as best I can.


I won’t ever be able to thank my little Peanut enough that being her mother is making me a better person every day.

Parenthood and relationships are like so many other things.
About trials and errors.
About failures and victories.
About practice. And one thing I now understand about practice is that it doesn’t make you perfect. It only makes you better, and better, and better.

Let’s give ourselves the permission and possibility to fail, and rise again, and again and again.

Will you practice with me?
Practice being the best parent, partner, friend we can be, right here, right now?
Practice having more positive second, and third, and fourth thoughts?



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