The importance of taking one thing at a time

One of the reason, or should I say, the main reason I decided to implement monthly goals instead of yearly resolutions is this : I always try to do too much at the same time and end up doing nothing at all.

Last week, I had to remind myself of that numerous times.
I had this ache to start my February and then March goals right away. But in doing that, my January goals would have taken the back seat. I would have been discouraged and would have stopped everything.
This pattern has happened over and over again with me.

Instead, I focused on my 2 January goals and I must say, I’m quite proud of myself for it.


  1. Goal 1 | Shop free month : I gave in last Friday and got a Starbucks coffee and cookie. It’s a constant struggle to tell myself that I don’t need this and that. I’m already thinking about what I’ll be able to do next month with my spending money. I don’t know yet but I might just make February another shop free month for me.
  2. Goal 2 | January Cure : I realize more and more how my minimalism and simplifying journey has brought me a lot farther than I thought. I was able to overlook a few of the tasks last week because, frankly, I didn’t have to do them, at all.
    Monday | Organize a party at the end of January/beginning of February : That was a fun and really easy one for me seeing as my birthday is February 4. For the first time since living in my apartment, my birthday party will take place, not only in my home, but in my clean and uncluttered home!
    Tuesday | Bathroom storage and medicine cabinet : I have one storage cabinet in my bathroom that I declutter every few months. The last time I did it was last month so last week, there was no decluttering needed. YAY!
    Wednesday | Work on my project : The project I chose was too much to tackle on a weeknight, especially on menu planning night. It will stay on the list and be taken care of in the near future.
    Thursday | Family room : The goal of this task was to remove a few decorative items from the family room. But you see, my family room is a combination of a dining room and a living room. It’s a sofa in the dining room with only enough space for a stool with a lamp next to the sofa, the Peanut’s art table and a dining table. Easy task for me as there was literally NOTHING I could remove from the room.
    Weekend | Bedroom : The plan was to deep clean the bedroom. I did the floors on the first Cure weekend and deep cleaned at the same time. There are a few things in our room that don’t belong but for now, they have to stay since our room is the only one out of reach of the Peanut. So, another easy one for me.
  3. Less computer, more family time : I have good days, great ones and really bad ones. Being able to see and recognize the bad ones is a great first step for me in the right direction.
    Every time I spend too much time on the computer or on my phone after the Peanut is asleep, I pay for it the next day.
    I wake up to a messy kitchen.
    It doesn’t set a great mood for my day.
    I forget things for my lunch, or my coffee mug.
    Seeing first hand how bad it is for me gives me the strength to keep away from the computer more. This is truly a work in progress for me and one I will keep working on  all year.
  4. Meal planning : So many times my sister calls last minute asking to come over for dinner. I usually say yes, but. Yes, but we don’t have much to eat in the fridge, not enough to feed three more people. She always ends up showing up with dinner.
    Yesterday, when she called to see if she could come over with my niece, not only did I say yes, I also said I had dinner already planned. She only had to show up with dessert. And what a yummy dessert it was!
    That made me the happiest I have been lately, and I’ve been quite happy lately! Being more organized is helping me be the kind of hostess I’ve always wanted to be and having people over unplanned is less and less a problem now. I have a cleaner  home and a menu always planned.

I’m so happy I focused on my two main goals last week! Not only was I able to continue menu planning, I was also able to spend an amazing evening with my sister and niece I hadn’t seen in a while!

Isn’t that what simple, slow, minimal living is all about? Spending more time with the people we love doing things that matter to us.

How about you? How was your week? Anything you are really proud of?


Seeing these two spend time together is well worth all the efforts on my simple, slow, minimal living journey


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