Perfection will always be out of my grasp

I believe in striving for excellence, not perfection. This way, we do the best we can with what we have and surpass ourselves time after time without losing hope.

I also remind myself that my whole life is a journey. There is no goal I will ever accomplish completely. This, to me, is a great relief.
I’m learning, more and more, to accept the fact that I will never be perfect and continue on. I’m glad this blog allows me to look back and see my victories and be encouraged.

The second week of January was a little harder for me but still filled with valuable lessons and great accomplishments. Here we go!


  1. Goal 1 | Shop free month : It’s getting easier and easier, not only telling myself NO but also determining what a necessity is. On Thursday, I SO wanted to grab a Starbucks cake. It would have been easy, there is a Starbucks downstairs from my job. I resisted. I spent all my breaks talking with my colleagues. This makes me real proud!
  2. Goal 2 | January Cure : I’m glad last week was a little more relax than the previous one, since I was lacking energy a little last week.
    Monday | Mini meditation and choose a project from my list : I didn’t do that one because I took the time to write last Monday’s blog post. I chose to hang my coffee mugs under the cupboards, allowing me to take down a shelf that is accumulating dust and making visual clutter. This project will have to be done this Wednesday but I suspect I’ll choose another one, or I won’t have time for menu planning next week. We’ll see.
    Tuesday | 30 minutes cleaning countdown : I set my timer and cleaned a small locker I have in my kitchen with the recycling bin, my tools and board games, among other things. It felt good but it’ll need more of my attention in the future.
    Wednesday | Media fast : I love that one! I got all my recipe books out and planned the menu for this week. It was so much fun I decided to make every Wednesday evening a media-free night to plan my menu.
    Thursday | Linen declutter : There was no need to do it as I decluttered and minimized my linens a while back and live with the minimum already. I used my time to write last Thursday’s blog post about self-care.
    Weekend | Kitchen : I had two options to choose from : inside cleaning or outside cleaning. I chose the outside cleaning as the inside is mostly already done and I didn’t feel like decluttering. The outside though is a continual work in progress. Between taking care of the Peanut, having my first baby-free night out with the boyfriend, going to the market and cooking, we didn’t manage to make the kitchen as clean as I wanted.
    My kitchen is actually the room in my house I have the most difficulty keeping tidy. I don’t see what I could declutter but I’ll have a new look soon and find a better way to organize what I do keep. Future monthly goal for sure.
  3. Less computer, more family time : Since writing these two posts here and here, I’ve been able to limit to the minimum my screen time while the Peanut is awake. I love watching her play and playing along with her.
    I now need to work on my screen time after dinner. Last week, I spent way too much time on Facebook and IG. Because of that, my kitchen is not the fun tidy place I’d want it to be to cook in. Something else I’ll be working on in the months to come. My media-free Wednesday will no doubt help with that.
  4. Zero waste set up at work : It’s still going strong and I love it. I even got my colleagues intrigued, especially the part where I hang my dish towel to dry after I washed my dishes! 😉
  5. Meal planning : Last week’s menu was not completely a success since we didn’t buy everything we needed. We still managed to diversify what we ate, which is one of the goals of this adventure. I have faith this week’s menu will be a bigger success story. Tonight’s Greek soup was so yummy I can’t wait for my lunch tomorrow!

As I was saying at the beginning, perfection can never be reached. I’m really proud of myself for, not only following through with my goals, but having been able to keep this blog alive as I have.

Thank you so much for following along. It means the world to me!

How was your week? What are you proud of? What do you still need to work on?
Let’s encourage each other to go on, no matter what!


The Peanut was so excited about the squirrels eating the peanuts we put there for them. Children’s amazement is so refreshing.



4 thoughts on “Perfection will always be out of my grasp

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Ahhh good job on everything! C’est vrai que je pense moins au recyclage au travail, merci de m’y faire réfléchir 🙂 Personnellement je travaille beaucoup sur le “letting go” car je ne contrôle pas grand chose sur le rangement et pas mal tout chez nous, et je trouvais ça difficile au début mais j’essaye de le voir comme un passage et penser plutôt aux changements qui s’en viennent et au futur. Passer moins de temps avec les écrans: difficile mais mon dieu que ça fait du bien! J’adore instagram (je suis seulement des personnes qui m’inspirent donc beaucoup d’artistes, de photographes, de créateurs) mais j’ai enlevé FB de mon téléphone et soudainement je passais beaucoup moins de temps dessus… je trouve que ça m’apporte beaucoup moins de bonheur. Ce qui m’inspire le plus en ce moment c’est que tu écris régulièrement ton blog!!!! Je t’admire beaucoup! J’ai hâte aux prochains articles 🙂

    • marjobourge says:

      Ah!!! Merci mon amie pour tes encouragements! Et c’est tellement difficile de “Let Go”! Je suis très contrôlante dans ma vie de tous les jours et avec mon chum et ma fille, je travaille fort à les laisser vivre! 🙂 C’est pas facile mais on lâche pas!

      Marjo xxxx

  2. rhinophile says:

    We are dealing with significant health issues in our family and everything was getting on top of me so I asked our neighbours if they could help me tidy up the backyard. The next day they dropped over for two hours and the yard is looking fabulous! Next project will be the pantry then the linen press. I have had to learn to be willing to allow, what seem like high priority projects, get placed further down the list. After all, no one is going to hold it against me. 🙂

    • marjobourge says:

      This is so great of your neighbors to drop by to help! And kuddos to you for asking for help. This is an area of my life I am struggling with as I feel I need to do it all by myself, but I’m working on that! 🙂
      Hope the health issues get resolved.
      Keep at it with what’s really important. You are right that no one is going to hold it against you, except you. So give yourself grace!

      Marjo xxxx

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