Simply living slowly


Tonight, when I got home, I started putting things away while my daughter was asking for my attention. It dawned on me that my daughter, who should be my priority, was not.


It got me thinking.

Today, on a Facebook group called Slow, Eco, Simple Minimal Living, Danielle Chassin from the blog Hippie In Disguise asked us what Slow Living meant to us.

I answered that I’m a full-time working mom and I wish to simplify my life so that my evenings and weekends are not only about cleaning and cooking. But really, it’s a lot more than that.
It takes me only a second to pinpoint the TWO things that takes most of my time, apart from work and sleep and it’s not cleaning and cooking.
Can you guess what they are?  My computer and my phone.

I spend so much time on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) and watching movies that I think my life is all about cleaning and cooking when in fact it’s about watching other people’s lives instead of simply living my own.

There are so many things I want out of life but never seem to find the time to do. I want to

  • Play with my daughter and watch her grow
  • Bake my own bread and pizza crust
  • Can my own fruits and vegetables
  • Cook more from scratch
  • Have a clean home
  • Paint and draw
  • Make books
  • Travel

So, to answer Danielle’s question, here is what I want slow living to be for me

  • Less time on the computer and phone
  • More time with my family and friends
  • More time taking care of my home
  • More time baking and cooking
  • More time for who and what matters

I don’t yet know how this will all happen but, putting it all out like this is going to help me be accountable, not only to myself, but to you.

What does slow living mean to you? Any thoughts?





6 thoughts on “Simply living slowly

  1. :: danielle :: says:

    I loved this post! I love your honesty and self-reflection, but also that you hint that slow living is personal, to each it is something a little different, it’s about putting our time into our priorities. Much love to you Marjo! xo

    • marjobourge says:

      Thank you so much for your feedback! It means a lot to me! The more I read about and live a minimalist, slow, simple eco lifestyle, the more I realize that none of these principles can be put in a box and offered as is to everyone. Everybody is different, everybody’s family and needs are different and that is the beauty of the world really! How boring it would be if we were all the same!!!!
      Marjo xxxx

  2. renardgourmande says:

    Slow living….good question. I am mostly on slow mode, but that doesn’t mean I’m doing what makes me happy. I do spend too much time on my phone and watching tv. I hate cleaning, but cooking I love. Since my slow mode is in part due to a medication I am taking, I hope to find a way to change that in the year to come. It’s like a competition between my mental health and my pleasures. It seems I am swinging between extremes of doing nothing or starting tons of projects that I don’t finish. I hope that 2017 will bring some balance in that sphere. Apart from that, I’m perfect 😉

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