January – The month of no spending and other things


I want to start 2017 with a BANG, for January to be the month that will define the rest of the year!
I tend to ask too much of myself and want to do everything all at once. This usually ends with me being discouraged and exhausted. So I give up, on everything.

This year, I want to have goals, one or two each month, no more. That way, not only will I be able to see most of them through, I will also have more energy for the things, or should I say people who matter the most to me, my boyfriend and the Peanut.

So, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to my January goals :

GOAL #1 : Shop free month
Apart from the essentials (food, body care / housekeeping products, diapers for the Peanut) we won’t spend a dime on superfluous things. We have received more than enough for Christmas and will be enjoying all that we have for the coming month.

GOAL #2 : January Cure with Apartment Therapy
Last year, I wanted to do the January Cure but didn’t, for no particular reason. This year, no reason will be good enough for me not to do it. That way, at the end of January, I’ll have a home that is clean, decluttered and homely again.

I’ll keep posting about my 2 goals on here during the month. So, follow along if you wish and I hope, not only to inspire myself to live the life I want to live but to inspire you also.

Do YOU have any goals for January?


7 thoughts on “January – The month of no spending and other things

  1. Rachel Dillow says:

    My goal is to finally finish one of the several books I’ve been reading and start the online fitness plan I purchased after I gave birth in June. Sometimes you just need a big fresh start to kick off these new and soon to be habits. Thanks for sharing! We do no spend months often and really find them to be a fun challenge. If you need some encouragement you can read about our personal experience with it on the Cohesive Home blog: http://www.cohesivehome.com/blog/racheldillow

    • marjobourge says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. These are nice goals, especially reading! 🙂 I got a few books I want to read myself!
      I’ll have a look at your blog and let you know what I find helpful!
      Marjo xxxx

  2. misskoda says:

    My goal is to continue focusing on myself, such as: ensuring I’m on top of my meds, taking care of my health/body by eating better and getting exercise in and focus are on my writing/art, and making sure that i’m happy and free.

    • marjobourge says:

      These are amazing goals. You NEED to take care of yourself! Like Revlon says (is it them? I don’t know! lol) : “Because you’re worth it!”
      Love you my friend
      Marjo xxxx

  3. Adrienne says:

    I do goals too… No spending for month of January and continue to reduce debt as I reduce “stuff”. Today I had my kiddos work on their clothes closets .

    • marjobourge says:

      Reducing debts is so difficult. I’d love to be able to pay a big chunk of it this year!
      Kuddos for including your kids in the minimizing. I hope I can teach my daughter to be content with what she has and to be generous. She’s only 2 at the moment so I don’t yet include her in the decisions.

      Marjo xxxx

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